Rugbys Six Nations will be here in no time, so here are my top five things to do whilst you watch our home nations play!


  1. Be patriotic!

If you’re Englands biggest fan, let your friends and family know. Go all out in your England shirt, paint your face, even dye your hair to show you are in this for the long haul no matter what happens!


2. Learn the rules!

Bit of a rugby newbie? Then take the time to learn the sport properly, you will be glad you did when your fellow watchers are talking final points and you can join in (this will also make it seem like you’ve been a rugby fan for years!). Dig into the history of the sport, read up on Twickenham and learn who the players are!


3. What to snack on?

You will be hard pressed to find a rugby fan who doesn’t love a good burger and pint, so choose your location wisely when you suggest a venue to watch the rugby! Staying home? Then stock up on all the essentials at the supermarket, even put on a bbq if the sun is showing his face. If you head out make sure the venue serve quality food and good beer!


4. What do you wear?

It’s not everyday that you see our closest nations go head to head, so don’t hold back! Think English jester hats, rugby shirts with your favourite players name on, even face paint to prove who the biggest fan is!


5. Research the team coach.

You may recognise his face, but dig into where he is from adn his historic stats within the game of Rugby. This really will work wonders if your team is loosing the game, but always refer to them by their last name for additional bonus points.

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