I’ve used Persil laundry detergent ever since moving out years ago and when given to chance to try out new Persil Powercaps it was a no brainer! (who doesn’t want their tshirts back to the original whites they once were?)

I have a lot of clothes (probably too many) and with this comes a lot of washing, I’m also a bit clumsy and have a dog. This means my clothes are often getting stained with all sorts of day to day/dog related mud, so I’m often trying different detergents to get my clothes back to their original look.

Early mornings usually mean I grab the nearest white tshirt as a staple part of my daily outfit and I need them looking as white as possible! Persil Powercaps have more than proved themselves over the past week. I’ve tried both the colour and bio detergent options and they have both excelled over my usual detergent.

The ease of having stain removal, material care and a fresh scent all in one little pod makes my whole laundry cycle way quicker than it’s ever been! These helpful pods have three times the usual detergent power in just one pod, which leaves me time to spend on things I’d rather be doing other than laundry!

Triple power your staple pieces and get your clothes back to the condition you bought them in!

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