Italians are known for their impeccable style and when it comes to established names, Canali is definitely one that stands out. For more than 80 years their craftsmen and tailors have created garments and accessories that every sartorial gentleman dreams of.

From classic silhouettes that blend sophistication, style and versatility, the brand has become a household name. Canali offer a wide selection of refined pieces, from shoes, ties, belts, shirts and of course a beautiful collection of suits.

No Italian tailors would be complete without offering a made to measure suit, a piece every man wishes to have in his wardrobe. Canali offer a huge range of different options when it comes to the perfect made to measure suit. Offering the ability to select everything last detail from lapels, buttons, pockets, linings and more, means you can have an exclusive piece from Canali which is tailored for the perfect fit.

The extensive collection of refined pieces that Canali offer make it difficult to pick my favourite pieces, but they offer a number of great jackets that would fit perfectly into my wardrobe for both smart and casual occasions.

I’d recommend checking out their edition pages, here the team at Canali offer some great inspiration and style advice! –

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