The team at Kiomi have come through with yet another fantastic collection and I was lucky enough to receive a few pieces to check out!

Kiomi offer a great pair of well fitted wool blended trousers that are easy to wear both casual and smart, I’ve worn these pretty much every other day since receiving them and judging by the quality they will be lasting me a good while yet.

They also offer a thick warm turtleneck which has more than proved it’s worth over the last two weeks as it has been freezing, luckily this jumper has been on hand to keep the winter chills at bay.

A staple piece and must have for me is a simple navy mac, this one from Kiomi is both lightweight and clean cut. It can be thrown into most of my outfit selections with ease and with spring showers on the horizon it arrived just in time!

You can check out the full Kiomi collection over on their site here – Kiomi


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