After using Aesop products for a few years I was very excited when I got invited down to their Covent Garden store to check out some of the new range and gift kits!

The team there really know there stuff, I was given a full run down on the foundation of the brand, aswell as being treated to herbal tea and cake which is always a bonus.

The guys talked me through a number of the skincare products, all of them feeling and smelling amazing! After receiving some insight into my favourite products, the parsley seed range is now high up on my list of future purchases.

Aesop have just released a full range of Christmas gift kits and aswell as their huge range of skincare products you’ll be sure to find several products you’ll want to add to your wish list – Aesop

I’ve always been a huge fan of the way each store space is designed, you can find a breakdown of their store design here which is definitely worth a read – Taxonomy of Design



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